What is the Mission of 4U Fitness Franchise with EMS workouts?

What is 4U Fitness?

4U Fitness is the first and only Full body E-Fit Electric Muscle Stimulation franchise in the US. We are a high tech fitness studio with a revolutionary fitness device that uses electrical muscle stimulation to scientifically customize programs and workouts that better fits the needs and goals of each individual.

A busy schedule is no longer an excuse because it only takes TWO, 20 minutes sessions per week to get results! If you can make time to watch a 2-hour movie at the Cinema one time during the month, then just think about how that same amount of time can get you into life-long and sustainable shape! You can try us out for free at any one of our locations! And if you sign up for a program, we guarantee results or you will get your money back!

4U Fitness believes in providing the knowledge and tools necessary for clients to lead a permanent healthy lifestyle. We believe that it takes extraordinary efforts to educate those who have been blinded by cookie cutter, “quick-fix” diet and workout programs. With science-based and custom programs, clients are truly successful in fulfilling their goals and desires.

Can people purchase and operate their own studio?

4U Fitness officially became a franchise as of March 2016. But this company has been operational since 2012. We have spent many years developing and implementing the best all-inclusive program prior to advancing into a Franchise Business! We receive about 5 inquiries per week about our Franchise and we have yet to spend any money on advertising. We are currently setting up our Headquarters and we plan on officially announcing our Franchise at our Launch Party in January 2017!

We are immensely grateful to have so much interest so early in the game; these people truly believe in our brand and our mission. With 3 contracts already pending, we do not plan on selling Franchises until 2017.

What comes with the purchase of a Franchise?

Just about anything and everything you can ask for! 4U Fitness is the most unique fitness concept in the world with our own line of equipment, supplement and clothing line.

We offer unique and beautifully-designed studios and we pride ourselves in having developed our own Academy System for trainers. When a trainer applies for a position at 4U Fitness, they are required to partake in a lengthy and thorough interview process. This process entails up to 3 interviews as well as an 800-word essay on why they believe we should hire them, what separates them from the other hundreds of applicants that inquire and how they see themselves working within the Company.

After an applicant is chosen, they then dive into an intense 3-month training program before they are allowed to train any one of our clients. Once they pass the program, they will receive a diploma and certification that is required for renewal each year. Since we intend to stay ahead of the game, we want to ensure that our Trainers are always up-to-date with our programs.

Before I continue to ramble, let me summarize what a purchaser will receive in bullet points:

· Supplement and Equipment line
· Academy System
· Assistance with real estate, construction & design, technology, hiring, operations, sales, website and warranty
· Grand Opening Party
· Marketing Plan
· Documents and waivers
· Quality checks
· Spokesmodels

4u fitness efit tampa bay personal training with ems nina nyiri

Let’s put it this way. We are the Apple and Tesla of the fitness industry. We have a detailed 10 year business plan including all goals and product launch dates. Stay tuned for our master plan.

We have created a demand for our services and have been given some amazing opportunities to continue our growth. Most recently, we were flown to LA to appear as guests on a famous TV Show.

We were asked to demonstrate and provide more information about our specialized program to a nationwide and global audience.

In summer 2016, we also visited Europe to meet with our Supplement and Equipment manufacturer personally. We constructed and viewed our products first-hand.

What does 4U Fitness stand for and what is the mission?

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the clutter and implement our science-based programs into the minds and lifestyles of individuals. When people think of health and fitness, they will think of us!

Let me give you an example. If I were to ask you to call me tomorrow, you have a way different picture in mind than your parents did at your age! You are picturing yourself pulling out your smartphone and not a big plastic junk on the wall with a mile of cable hanging out of it.

So, that’s where we come in! We want you, your kids and your grand kids to think different, think about us when it comes to health and fitness.

Instead of going through the aggravation of spending crazy amounts of hours in the gym, increasing your chances of injuring yourself and wasting copious amounts of money on crash diets and ordinary workouts; we promise to provide scientifically-based knowledge and programs that will lead you to thinking differently!

Unfortunately the fitness industry preys on the novice person by selling bogus and almost harmful supplements and plans just to make a profit.

At 4U Fitness, we don’t need contracts since we have been validated by the return of clients time and time and time again. Clients stay with us for years because they get their desired results. We then have the ability to provide them with a maintenance and sustainable program that they can practice on their own (besides the EMS).

We deliver efficient programs that speak for themselves. We have no need to lock people into ridiculous year-long contracts that normally are drawn up as a cover up for unsuccessful results.

We desire to educate everyone on how the system really works. You don’t have to succumb to the slimy salespeople at commercial gyms. Happiness and Health can arise from a balanced change in lifestyle. With the proper implementation of a workout routine and healthy food choices, we as a nation can fight the Obesity Epidemic in the US. One person dies from Obesity every 90 seconds. This rate will continue to climb if we do not put a stop to it.

We firmly believe that we can help combat this epidemic by providing the appropriate education on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to think different and 4U Fitness is here to implement actual, achievable and maintainable results.


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