Ryan Oltz

Ryan Oltz

Personal Trainer
  • 10 Years Experience
  • ISSA Certified

Ryan Oltz is an Ocala, Florida native and became a Personal Trainer to share his fitness knowledge and passion with others. Ryan has played sports since he was three years old and dreamed about playing sports in college. In preparation for college athletics he discovered weight training and how it affects the body.

Ryan’s favorite part about being a Personal Trainer is helping clients experience the positive effects being active has on both their emotional and physical health. He specializes in total body transformation by focusing on burning fat and building muscle.

Ryan pushes his clients to their maximum potential during workouts, and doesn’t go easy on them. He does exactly what it takes to help them stay on track to reach their results.
A senior at USFSP Honors College, Ryan is majoring in Biology with a focus in Physical Therapy. He is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, has completed an intensive 12-week internship with professional athlete trainers and has over six years of weight training experience. In his free time, Ryan likes swimming and plays baseball for the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg.

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