Lauren Mottl

Lauren Mottl

Personal Trainer
  • NASM
  • ISSA
  • University of South Florida

Hello, my name is Lauren Mottl

I am a Florida native and grew up in Ocala Florida before moving to Tampa. I am fitness professional and have a passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. I have always loved and enjoyed all different types of sports,

I have played them all my life. At around the age of 16 I was taught how to properly use weightlifting to improve my physical abilities and assist in achieving my desired physical appearance. Once I learned about strength training and nutrition I instantly fell in love with all its benefits.

I have 4 personal training certifications through NASM, ISSA and the University of Florida. My professional credentials paired with my degree in business management allow me to help my clients achieve their goals with excel service .
My favorite pastime is going to the beach with friends
I have worked at servals other gyms in Florida and am blessed to be a personal trainer at 4U Fitness!

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