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They say Knowledge is Power

Education is the future and we’ve made it our top priority at 4U Fitness. And we’re referring to educating our Trainers AND Clients through our 4U Fitness Academy! Our trainers go through an extensive course set that allows them to gain the knowledge necessary to teach YOU!

Being Healthy means so much more than getting a great workout, and at 4U Fitness our purpose is to educate the population on how to exercise and build sustainable, healthy habits; thus changing the mentality of what it takes to be strong and healthy for a long and happy life.

We are genuinely interested in educating our clients, so you can learn how to maintain and keep their results, forever. The knowledge we have is not ours to keep and we will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of profits.


Our Coaches Help Clients Achieve Amazing Results

We consider every coach an investment and believe that education and experience are imperative qualities.

At 4U Fitness, we choose only the most knowledgeable and qualified coaches in the industry for our studios. Unlike other gyms, we want our coaches to grow with 4U Fitness. Our future is their future.

Our workouts are unlike any other. In addition to our EMS technology, we offer conventional training. With personal training each client gets the attention they want and deserve.


4U Fitness Research Projects and Findings

Upon developing full-body Electric Muscle Stimulation and receiving FDA Clearance in the U.S., we made research a priority.

Backed by the University of South Florida, 4U Fitness’s very own Ryan Oltz, conducted trials and published his honorary thesis paper on the effects of EMS training on a variety of clients in comparison to conventional weight training methods.

Research Initiatives

USF Research

30 Healthy Individuals

Claim: A 20 minute E-Fit workout could constructively stimulate just as many muscle fibers as a 90 minute workout with weights.

Test: Bi-weekly 6-week exercise regimen

Measurements: Body fat %, body mass index, muscle mass index, strength, and endurance test

Results: the E-Fit group showed more beneficial outcomes than the conventional group in almost every test!

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Mission to Mars!

Zero Gravity Research

Purpose: Through this research we will prove our high-tech workouts prevent muscle atrophy despite gravitational challenges

Test: While wearing the EMS training suit on a modified 727, arabolic arcs are performed to create a weightless environment allowing the person to float, creating conditions similar to space.

Research: Data collection of muscle activation before and after to test for change in composition on Earth vs. Space.

Goal: NASA will get our astronauts to safely colonize Mars.

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The Evolution of EMS Training

ASPI Research Center

Theory: EMS Training sessions can be intensified and benefits further improved by applying a TUT (Time Under Tension) style of training.

Test: Bi-weekly 6-week exercise regimen comparing EMS 20 minute sessions utilizing 4 compound movements and a 3 set with 12 rep weight progression. Compared to TUT method of 4 same movements and 3 sets of 60 seconds under tension with less weight.

Measurements: 72-hour after burn impact, changes in body fat %, body mass index, muscle mass index, strength, and endurance test

Goal: Develop the most efficient workout in the world that delivers the best results possible.

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Our Future is Bright, what about yours?

We’re revolutionizing the fitness industry, do you want to be a part of the journey?

If you have what it takes to be a part of the few and the strong and are ready to make an impact on the world, enroll in our Academy and join a team that is working for the FUTURE. We’re advancing the Health, Fitness and Space Industry and there is no room for average, only the elite. Each one of our coaches has their own expertise and speciality and as a part of this team, you work towards your dreams. Paid time off, Health Insurance & Health Care!


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Clients Love 4U Fitness

Choosing 4U Fitness has been one of the greatest decisions I have made. As the titleholder of Miss Central Florida USA, it is extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. I switched from doing cardio every day and not being impressed with the results to working with 4U Fitness only two times a week and my body has transformed in the best way! I am stronger, much more toned and have so much energy and less body fat! I recommend everyone to take a look at 4U Fitness. The trainers are extremely professional, yet care immensely about their clients! It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle!

-Kailyn Perez, Miss Florida World

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