The National Weight Control Registry estimates that only 20% of dieters successfully keep off lost weight for more than a year!

The National Weight Control Registry estimates that only 20% of dieters successfully keep off lost weight for more than a year!

The #1 problem is that most people crash diet.

The #2 problem is that we think we can go from 0 to 60 in an instant, changing or overturning ingrained life habits through the sheer force of will.

I don’t even understand how people think that they can completely cut out all sugar, fats, cookies, ice cream, etc. overnight! Who are they kidding?! You may commit to that for a few days, but guess what, all that sugar is going to come back with a vengeance! That is why at 4U Fitness we focus on life changing habits instead of a quick fix!

You can have absolutely anything you want with the stipulation that it fits within your macros AND you practice moderation. You don’t have to deprive yourself of “goodies” like cheesecake or pizza as long as it fits your macros. 

Please stop thinking that by not eating you will get the results you want and that you can sustain it by eating minimal amounts of calories. The body just doesn’t work that way!  90% of the people who walk through our door do not eat enough food; this is including those who are overweight too.

The general population under eats on their days of physical activity and then OVER eats on days of rest! Just think about those relaxing days sitting on the couch with a bag of nuts or popcorn, oh wait, then you go for the chips and salsa!

My point is you’ve just consumed half of your daily calories in less than an hour’s time. And when you need the calories the most after a hard workout, you steer clear from the carbs and fats your body desperately needs for recovery, growth and increasing metabolic functions! It’s a vicious circle that can be stopped! Ignore the advice coming from your friends, the “muscle-head” at the gym and magazines. It is almost impossible to find 2 people who have the exact same needs. Therefore following a crash diet from a magazine that is designed for 150 million readers has as much sense as eating Hamburgers, Pasta and Cookies and flushing it down with a Diet Coke every single day for fat loss.

We have hundreds of people training with us and not a single person has the same needs as the other and yet the fitness magazines and your friends are telling you what they “think” you need because it worked for them!

And we wonder why we are getting so out of control….

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