Tampa Remodel 4U!


The well deserved and earned remodel for our amazing clients of Tampa!

The Tampa studio was the first ever studio 4U Fitness opened! It has been operating for about 8 years since 2011 – and it is overdue for a revamp with some shiny new things

We have our hard hats on and been working hard at the Tampa location to make this happen 4U. 🚧
We apologize for any inconvenience in schedule changes but we are on it!

Our OG studio is almost complete with it’s new renovations, just about a weekend or  two to go!

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the progress that’s been going on:

⚡️2 brand new changing rooms – Now there are 4 places to change!
⚡️2 new pieces of fitness equipment – which means more fun ways to reach your goals👏🏼
⚡️We’ve doubled the E- Fit workout area and it’s not like anything you have seen before!
⚡️New waiting area with some new art!
⚡️MIRRORS, MIRRORS, AND MIRRORS! Tons of them! You wanted more and we got them🙌🏼

We want you to be surprised for the rest of the changes and whoever can point out the most will get a free session!

Whoever tags us on social media with their most favorite changes will get a chance to win a session every week for the rest of the month! So make sure to check in with your photos and favorites and tag us to win.


One more thing…

Nina is back with some limited spots🤩 She couldn’t help being away and wanted to be available 4U!

If you have been away for a while or on pause, this is the time to come back – We have a beautiful new studio and an amazing new offer 4U! 

Give us a call at 800-421-5850  or shoot us an email at to learn about our new offer and claim it ASAP.


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