Brooke’s Results!


“When i first met you in June, i was bent out of shape
I just had a baby and needed to lose the belly weight

Cardio and diets werent doing the trick
But then i saw your living social deal and called you up lickidy split!

I’d never heard of E-Fit but thought i’d give it a try
Then on day two i was so sore i thought i could cry

Weeks went by as i pushed and pushed
And boy did that E-Fit workout really work on my tush!

Fast forward to October and i’am feeling a bit lighter
Even my husband told me my a** was a lot tighter!

Then along comes Evan and Jacquie…they say,
“You look great! How’d you lose the weight?”
I looked at them and simply said, “Daniel and E-Fit……Piece of Cake!!”

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