Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg Personal Training with E-Fit (Electro Fitness)

Erin Stern is the new face (and body) of 4U Fitness, the high-tech studio that specializes in full-body electrical muscle stimulation workouts with E-Fit. This program is the perfect combination of quick, efficient workouts (only 20 minutes, twice a week) that can have any woman saying, “Bye-bye body fat, hello hot, cellulite-free, toned body!” in 12 weeks!

One of the best things about the E-Fit machines and personal trainers at 4U Fitness is that it gets rid of cellulite! Electrical currents travel through the special suit (worn during the workout) and penetrate and plump the skin, reaching through to the deep muscles. Cellulite reduction isn’t the focus, but it sure is a great “side effect” of using E-Fit.

Muscles contract during any workout, but with a 4U Fitness personal trainer controlling the E-Fit machine, the electrical pulses intensify and stimulate the muscles even more, making the body work really hard in a short amount of time.

The 20 minute E-Fit workout is equivalent to a 1.5 hour traditional workout. It breaks down like this:  the body works so hard in a short amount of time, so the body needs more recovery time between workouts. Even professional athletes max out at three sessions per week! Shorter and fewer workouts equal a hot body in about 12 weeks, thanks to the team at 4U Fitness!

E-Fit is has been popular in Europe for years, and is used in several hundred studios. 4U Fitness is the only gym in the U.S. that has E-Fit. There are two locations in Tampa, Fla. with franchises opening in Miami. E-Fit has been FDA cleared since October 2014. For questions about franchises, please contact Daniel Nyiri at 800-421-5850 or

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