Danielle, 51 Before After
I first came across 4U Fitness a little over three years ago.  I was searching for a personal yet unique workout that I could get results with in less time. I also need something that was low impact for my body – so a full body workout in 20 minutes sounded incredible. I’m also a big believer in science and technology so when I discovered E-Fit at 4U Fitness I was more than intrigued to try. Learning the technology behind E-fit just made perfect sense to me.
I love that my workouts are only twice per week for 20 min each session. They’re very challenging but easy on my body, don’t get me wrong Nina sure knows how to push me perfectly but they’re also doable for anyone’s busy schedule as well as any fitness level. I also love how the workouts are always customized to  my fitness level and my goals. Also amazingly enough, I was able to almost fully recover from my “Frozen Shoulder” injury this past year without any steroid shots or surgeries over a ten month period. We implemented low weights and focused on building the muscles around the shoulder to strengthen, lengthen and repair the muscle tissue while reducing the inflammation in my joint. Along with other at-home rehab exercises and therapies, we were able to almost fully rehabilitate my shoulder to about 95% full movement today. I have even amazed my Drs. I’m on my way to 100% recovery which is pretty incredible. Usually Frozen Shoulders lose all mobility, can take up to and often over two years and not fully recover.
Workouts aside, their nutritional guidance has helped tremendously. I’m extremely well-versed with nutritional knowledge from years of experience in the fitness industry, so I did have to I learn to let go of my old beliefs that no longer served me and to step out of my comfort zone. I was introduced to combining Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb/Keto along with Carb Loading days as well as not being afraid of incorporating more healthy fats into my diet which was a biggy. I was no longer eating 5-6 mini meals throughout my day and stressed about calories and macros but instead eating more nutrient dense low carb meals with healthy fats that fueled my body. What a difference.
Three years ago, I was exhausted all the time, feeling desperate, overweight with many health issues and searching for results. Today, I am full of energy, down 35 lbs , 30+ inches, 4 dress sizes and feel the best I’ve felt in years. I literally feel as if I turned the clocks back 20 years. Discovering E-Fit, Keto and a new way to look at nutrition was the beginning of my journey back to health. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and get the life changing results I was searching for. I’m now feeling like my ole self at the young age of 51. I’m back to living my active lifestyle, returned to the sports I love and I’m now educating and helping others to do the same.
I highly recommend 4U Fitness and of course, E-Fit, if you’re looking for a personal experience with lasting results. Just know that this isn’t a quick fix and it def doesn’t happen overnight. It has been a lifestyle change for me over the past several years filled with education, commitment, desire, consistency and of course, being coachable and open to new concepts. I’ve learned to adapt to a new lifestyle, way to look at my health and body and said goodbye to my old habits and ways. So thankful for this new beginning in life and regaining control of my out of control health. I’m a big believer that we can do anything we set our minds too.
On a side note:
I’m just so thankful for meeting Nina, Daniel and being part of the 4U Fitness family. Nina is not just a trainer to me but also family. She’s an amazing person and very wise beyond her years. Her knowledge, dedication, patience and never ending perseverance to help people achieve their goals is constant. It took some time to change my old beliefs but I did it! You can teach an old dog new tricks! lol! 🐶

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