Ann, 45 Before After

“Growing up I never struggled with weight. I was always the “thin girl.” But once I reached my mid-30s, that all changed. I tried “dieting” and that only worked momentarily because once I stopped “dieting,” the weight would come back with a few extra pounds. I was so frustrated. Then one day my business partner came across 4U Fitness online and recommended that we give it a try. After a year of doing E-Fit twice a week for only 20 minutes, I lost a total of 40 pounds! I went from squeezing into a size 12 to wearing a comfortable size 4! I felt great! No more medication for high blood pressure, and much-needed energy to keep up with my energetic little boy. Today, I do a combination of traditional training once a week and E-Fit once a week. When I started this journey I didn’t want to diet. I wanted a life change. I needed to be educated in nutrition and I received that at 4U Fitness! Nina was extremely patient with me and she explained macros and the science behind food (multiple times, until I finally got it). She shares recipes and she gives recommendations if you are going out to dinner. She will hold you accountable if you want her to. I need accountability, so that works great for me!”

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