How are those New Years resolutions coming along??

Well, today begins our official COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER- we are exactly 90 days out of bikini season and you know something? 90 days is the perfect amount of time to make real change possible. If you came into 2018 with fire and fuel and a decision that this year you’re going to put your health and fitness and your body a priority, stop for a minute and see how far you’ve come for those goals. Have you fallen off? Or maybe you’re doing well and need the push these last 12 weeks?

Regardless, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! The ladies of 4U Fitness are making the countdown to summer FUN and our goal is to KEEP YOU MOVING and focused on your progress so you can keep at it despite busy months ahead!

For the next 90 days, every day we will post a video on social media of an awesome movement that you can add to your tool kit of fitness. We want to push you these last 3 months until the summer! We want you to work hard but have fun, and most of all we want to see you achieve your goals.

Every day at 12 PM, stop what you’re doing for just 2-3 minutes and join us- wherever you are! Whether at work or at home, you can do these basic movements and add a little boost to your day and remember that you’re on a mission to look your best. You can do this and the ladies are with you.

Join us for:

our up Mondays- upper body movements
HardCORE Tuesdays- core focused exercises
HUMP day Wednesdays- we work that booty and lower bod
THERAPEUTIC Thursdays- a moment to relax and unwind and stretch 
Freestyle Fridays- some fun before the weekend! 

And even more fun on the weekends from live cooking with Nina Nyiri and outdoor HIIT training with Chelsea Kuzel, it’s going to be an awesome pre-summer party!

Stay tuned, the fun begins TOMORROW!!!

So check out our Facebook page and Instagram to see what we have in store for you!

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