Nancy’s Results at 4U Fitness with Electric Muscle Stimulation

Nancy Fordham


What made you seek the help of 4U Fitness?

I ran into one of my friends and saw how awesome she looked. Even though I’m older, I thought I need to get back to taking care of myself. I had previously been a runner, transformed to a walker due to my knees, Body Pump classes and spinning. I could not see any changes in my body so I decided to give E-Fit a try.

How long have you been training at 4U Fitness and how long did it take to see visible results?

I’ve been with 4U Fitness for approximately 2 1/2 years. I’ve continued to see steady progress throughout my time here.

How did you feel about your 1st time trying E-Fit as compared to how you feel about it now?

I wasn’t sure what to expect my first visit but it was only the fear of the unknown. Now I look forward to my sessions and the energized feeling you have once you are complete. You get a total body workout.>

Do you incorporate Traditional/Conventional Training into your regiment? If so, why?

Yes, I like to mix it up and I love the opportunity to work with Nina. She is personable, a motivator and pushes you to limits you didn’t know you could reach.

What importance does nutrition play in your current regiment? How does it affect your training sessions and results?

Nina has taught me a sustainable way of eating. It has been a work in progress reading labels and learning what needs to be consumed on workout days vs. rest days. I also enjoy trying the recipes that are posted on their site. Prepping my meals in advance has made it so much easier during the work week. It has now become a habit. I’ve also used My Fitness Pal to help me be accountable for my intake as well as prompts from Nina.

Why do you enjoy the programs offered by 4U Fitness?

I feel that my workout is customized to me. One size does not fit all when you walk through their door. Nina listens but pushes you to give your best. My lifestyle has changed in a positive way.

What piece of advice would you give to future clients in regards to getting long-term and sustainable results?

Be dedicated, diligent and do not expect immediate results. With time and patience, you will begin to see positive changes in your body. Exercise, good nutrition, emotional commitment and real engagement has offered me a better quality of life.

Would you recommend 4U Fitness to others and if so, whom would you refer?

Absolutely! I have and will continue. 4U-Fitness has been a game changer for me. Nina and Daniel are dedicated to their work and want to help others. This has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.

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