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I am a 64-year-old woman, with a variety of health issues. I’ve been working to lose weight and become fit. I knew it was vital to strengthen my core muscles to support my back, seriously injured years ago, and to build more muscle to help increase my metabolism. In the past, whenever I worked out with weights and weight machines, I re-injured my back easily.

So I searched for help from a personal trainer.  I found 4U Fitness, the E-Fit program and Jessica in St. Petersburg. Jessica and I began working together on December 18th. In a little over one month, the results are nothing short of amazing! Jessica designs an exercise routine for my specific needs, targeting the areas that need the most work.

She develops exercises to tone and strengthen my core muscles and upper body strength, without injuring my back. Since beginning this program, I have gone from a size 14 pant to a size 8, lost inches throughout my entire body, and lost an additional 13.8 lbs, while gaining muscle. Most importantly, that chronic back pain has almost disappeared! My energy has increased and I sleep much better.

Now, at age 64, I am more fit than I have been in decades! What’s more exciting is – this is just the beginning! If results can be this fantastic after one month, I’m really looking forward to future progress! I strongly recommend EFit, 4U Fitness, and Jessica!

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