Low-impact with BIG RESULTS


Every day, your brain sends electrical impulses to your muscles to stimulate movement. Using this same principle, our technology “E-Fit” stimulates your muscles for an intense, effective workout. Our E-Fit technology contracts and relaxes your muscles with a low-intensity alternating current.


With up to 90 percent of your muscles activated simultaneously, this is the most efficient way of reshaping your body. Not only does this make E-Fit training highly effective, but it saves time while providing positive health effects. Success is tangible and visible quickly, as fat content and weight are reduced and muscles are toned and strengthened.


E-Fit isn’t dependent on how much weight you can lift or your ability to perform high-impact exercises. Instead, the magnitude of your workouts is dependent on the level of intensity from the electrode pulses. This significantly reduces the pressure placed on your joints. Every session is performed under the supervision of your personal coach, so you can feel confident that your workouts are effective and safe.


Our E-Fit devices are designed so electrodes are positioned on the larger muscle groups as well as the smaller groups of muscles in your body. This makes it possible to stimulate your entire body at once, no matter what the exercise. Your coach can add stimulation to problem areas, stimulating certain muscles even more, maximizing your E-Fit training.


  • Reduces back pain: Electromuscular stimulation can help grow weakened back muscles that are normally difficult to target. With E-Fit, deep muscles can be reached and stimulated, increasing strength and posture.
  • Lessens cellulite: Our E-Fit technology has cellulite-targeting capabilities. By stimulating problem areas with lower impulse intensity, you will increase blood circulation, activating fat removal in cellulite-prone areas.

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