Interview with 4U Fitness TRANSFORMATION WINNER, Erica Nunery

Listen in as Erica discusses her climb to a healthier lifestyle with Nina. Erica doesn’t sugar-coat the truth and will explain her reason for change, the struggles and how to stay consistent.

Timeline Notes
2:00 – What is Erica’s WHY?
5:00 – Erica’s training routine & nutrition regiment
9:00 – Pushing through obstacles
11:20 – Going against the “eat less, do more” mindset
14:10 – Importance of Meal Prep
16:00 – Fighting daily temptations and indulgence
18:30 – Making healthy choices when eating out
20:30- How to incorporate cultural foods
23:10 – Friday night routine with the kids
25:00 – “Cheat” day
26:00 – Getting results
30:00 – The importance of Consistency
33:00 – Keep the finish line in mind

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