E-Fit Customized Personal Training At your Home, Office, Gym. In only 20 Minutes! 4U Fitness

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Completely Customized and Unique Plan for Every Client!

Customized Personal Training With EMS Technology at 4U-Fitness Includes:

-Muscle Building
– Fat Loss
– Cellulite Treatment
– Skin Toning and Postpartum Recovery_MG_2638
– Systematic muscle building

– 36.000 muscle contractions
– 20 minutes equals 1.5 hours of heavy conventional training
– Only 2-3x /week for your perfect body

-Athletic Training
– Group Training
– Get Fit For an Event
– Celebrity Training Packages
– Hot Bride Training packages ( get in your DREAM shape for your wedding)


E-Fit allows you to get fit by your skill and pace. It is the latest technology where fitness and health are combined with science to achieve your goals the safest and fastest way!
If you want to avoid noisy gyms full of people, and would rather do a complete exercise program with the most attention and professional guidance in a more pleasant environment, E-Fit is a perfect choice for you.

What dos E-fit offer you?

Just what you need, varied and customized training.
During the sessions, we will be working only with you. If you wanted to work in pairs or groups, can also be done with other devices.
EMS training is a special type of personal training. We recommend two to three sessions per week, as this training makes the muscles work hard. The compensation takes 2 or 3 days, lasts more than a conventional session. In order to achieve the desired result, it is imperative to respect the rest period.

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