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Get Fit with 4U Fitness in 2015 – Tampa Bay, FL

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If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution list, chances are losing weight or working out more in 2015 ranks pretty high up there. For the last several months, I’ve really been focusing on improving my personal health and fitness. I started by trying things out on my own but in all honesty, I just didn’t know what I was doing. So, I decided to take it to the experts and began working with a personal trainer and the folks at 4U Fitness.

With two locations in Tampa Bay, 4U Fitness recently opened their St. Petersburg location that reminds me of a facility I’d expect to see in the likes of LA or NYC. What initially attracted me to try out 4U Fitness were all of the reviews I found online raving about their trainers. What keeps me coming back, are the results I see in myself and the dedication from their team to help me reach my goals.


4u fitness efit tampa bay personal training with ems nina nyiri

(above photo provided by 4U Fitness)

You’re probably wondering what I’m strapped to in these photos. 4U Fitness is the only place in the country you can find a certain kind of fitness technology called electric muscular stimulation. A basic workout takes 20-minutes which is great for my busy schedule but trust me, when you’re done you’ll feel like you worked out for hours! The special suit I’m wearing is provided by the gym and gets hooked up to a device that sends tiny electric pulses to targeted muscle groups. The more juice sent from the device to me, the more difficult even the most basic moves start to feel. Don’t let the photo fool you, those tiny weights felt like they weighed a ton! 

daniel nyiri model owner of 4U Fitness efit tampa st pete

After he was done kicking my butt, I sat down with 4U Fitness founder and owner, Daniel Niyri, to chat more about reaching your fitness goals in the New Year.

What tips do you have to help people stay on top of their New Year fitness resolutions?

 We recommend that you set realistic goals that you can follow through with.  Baby steps are better than no steps at all. If you want professional guidance or some help to get moving in the right direction we are here to help!

In January we are offering a Free 1-Week Trial at any of our locations! We hate to see you waste money a New Year’s resolution “cookie cutter” workout program with a restrictive diet… because they just don’t work long-term!

What makes Electric Muscular Stimulation [EMS] technology ideal for people with busy schedules looking to get in shape?

EMS training only [takes] 20 minutes but is equivalent to 1.5 hours of heavy training in the gym! It’s also more effective. 

What other services does 4U Fitness offer for people looking for a gym in Tampa Bay? 

We offer a wide variety of services: Group training classes, Yoga, EFit and 1-on-1 personal training. 4U Fitness is all about lifestyle changes! 

Why did you choose Tampa Bay to open your 4U Fitness locations?

I was injured during a professional hockey game which forced me to retire from the sport. Because of the injury, I now have chronic back pain in colder climates, especially in any place below 40F.

So I decided to move somewhere warm to lessen the pain. My choices were between California and Florida. I had heard such a great things about the Tampa Bay area and St. Petersburg. I was very interested in the arts and culture that St. Petersburg provides and who wouldn’t want to live where everyone vacations to?!  It’s becoming the new place to be! 

I am a client of 4U Fitness and they treated me to this personal training session. All opinions (sweat, pain and muscles) are my own.


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