Foodie Friday: The Many Benefits of This Healthy Grain & Some QUICK Oat Recipes!

It’s FOODIE FRIDAY and today’s Food Spotlight OATS! Today we’re going to discuss the benefits of one of the most healthiest grains and some yummy recipes to incorporate in your meal prep that are quick and easy to make!

Oats are incredibly nutritious! Some of the main benefits of oats are:

  • Oats are rich in carbs and a fiber called Beta-Glucan – which reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • They are higher in protein and fat than most other grains – making them the PERFECT training day meal!
  • Oats are among the most nutrient dense foods you can eat (making them really good for meal prep!)
  • Oats contain many powerful antioxidants, including avenanthramides. These antioxidants may help reduce blood pressure and have an anti-inflammatory effect – which meals BUH BYE bloat!
  • They are very filling therefore it will make you feel full for longer!

Reference: Dr. Hrefna Paldottir “9 Health Bnefits of Eating Oats and Oatmeal”

Now that you know the many benefits of Oats let’s get to the good stuff.. some quick and EASY oat recipes!

These aren’t your grandma’s morning oatmeal recipes either, they’re 4U approved recipes made by Nina (so you KNOW they’re good)




5- Minute Oatmeal Apple Pie Bowl:  A healthy and QUICK bowl of apple pie at your service! Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy this warm treat any time of the year. Oh hey, and there is 17 grams of fiber  to help keep you completely satisfied.






No-Bake Oatmeal Cookie Bites: Afternoon pick-me-up anyone?  Zero baking required, only 4 ingredients and portable! These bites are practically guilt-free because they have less than 3 grams of Sugar and 6 grams of Fiber! Treat yourself on a training day or rest day!






Freezable TO GO Oatmeal Bowls: Calling all breakfast lovers! Start the day with these super simple Customizable and Freezable Oatmeal Bowls (aka “Overnight Oats”)! These guys will keep your taste buds happy and give you a boost of fiber! Get a weeks full of meal prep done in less than 10 minutes with this recipe! Did I mention the kids will LOVE this?!








Gluten Free Chewy Oatmeal Date Cookies: Sometimes you just need a cookie. This is my healthy version of a classic treat!  These little bites of joy are perfect as a Post-Workout treat or if you can restrain yourself, you can enjoy them anytime during the week! No guilt is allowed because these cookies are packed with fiber and healthy fats!




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