Erika’s Results at 4U Fitness with Nina Nyiri

Client: Erika Rigaud Sanders

What made you seek the help of 4U Fitness?

I was tired of feeling bad about my physical appearance. Being an athlete most of my childhood I knew the benefits of being in shape. However, once I got out of school and began working in my career the ease of maintaining a strong physique quickly faded. I was very naïve in thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted and work it off the next day at the gym. For a time, I was able to do just that. However, as I got older, my body didn’t respond in the same way as it used to. I knew I needed to make a change and it needed to be done now while my body still had time to bounce back.

I had a strong desire to lose weight but I lacked the motivation and dedication to stick through the regime despite not seeing results right away. I made the decision to no longer waste money with a membership at a gym that I never ended up using. It came a point where I had to decide that I needed to invest in myself and for myself. I searched for personal training in the area and that’s when I fell upon 4U fitness. Nina at 4U fitness has been my best motivator over the past year of training. Being a part of 4U fitness has taken away all the stress of losing weight and getting fit. I know that every time I go I will leave stronger then when I entered. I trust in the process and focus on just showing up and eating right.

How long have you been training at 4U Fitness and how long did it take to see visible results?

I began training with 4U fitness about a year ago. I saw immediate results on the scale within the first month of training. I was so excited and motivated and I told myself within 4 months I should be at my goal weight. However, my first month wasn’t a testament of the months to follow. There was slow movement on body fat percentage and body measurements over the course of the next 3-4 months. It was difficult to continue pushing myself through the workouts when I wasn’t receiving the immediate gratification I was expecting. I felt stronger and I had more energy than I ever did before, but how I was feeling was not being translated into a concrete number that I can measure my hard work against. If I had been doing this on my own there is no doubt that I would have given up at this point. With Nina’s constant reassurance to continue pushing through those difficult times I was able to persevere despite my own mental affliction. Once I accepted my body and let it the process of working out and eating right take its course I not only saw visible results in the clothing I wore and on the scale, but in my overall demeanor.

How did you feel about your 1st time trying E-Fit as compared to how you feel about it now? 

As with all things new, I was very nervous trying E-Fit for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect or how to push myself against the resistance of the machine. It took some learning to train myself not fear the electronic pulses and to become accustom with knowing when your body can handle more. I am comfortable with how far I can push myself all the while staying in control of my movements. There is a small learning curve between working against the machine to get through the workout and working with the machine to intensify each compounded movement. Once I became comfortable with E-Fit and began working in conjunction with the system I started noticing more of a physical change.

Do you incorporate Traditional/Conventional Training into your regiment? If so, why?

I incorporate both styles of traditional/conventional training simply because I believe utilizing both methods will provide me with the best results. The traditional method of working out allows me to visually measure how much stronger I am becoming and it also allows me to target troublesome areas that cannot be improved upon otherwise. There is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you can do one more repetition or lift more weight than you did before. The traditional method of training allows you to measure success against these concrete values and it also provides the right amount of internal boost to kick start your muscles and promote weight loss.

What importance does nutrition play in your current regiment? How does it affect your training sessions and results?

Nutrition is one of the key elements to a successful and productive workout. Without it, I feel more sluggish throughout the entire workout. My body tires much quicker, leaving insufficient energy for later exercises. Improper nutrition can lead to a very discouraging regimen by not allowing you to visualize your desired results even after months of intensive training. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand with one another. Lacking in discipline in either one can greatly deter you from your desired goals.

Why do you enjoy the programs offered by 4U Fitness?

I find great enjoyment in the programs offered by 4U Fitness because they are catered to meet one’s specific needs, which allows someone to target their troubled areas more effectively. These programs are designed to coincide well with one’s current lifestyle without causing a complete disruption and change of habit. The programs are offered at convenient times as well as in an easily accessible area. I could not be happier with the trainers at the facility since they are always upbeat and very knowledgeable, creating a safe environment for anyone desiring to change their life.

What piece of advice would you give to future clients in regards to getting long-term and sustainable results?

I would advise all future clients to focus on their realistic, attainable goals. It does not do any good if someone sets the bar too high from the start. It’s best to set micro goals and constantly adjust once hitting them. This allows a person to maintain consistency in the program as well as receive enjoyment from continuously being able to improve oneself by hitting reasonable goals. People will always be successful by being conservative with their immediate expectations in not only their physical appearance but in the desired timeframe it will take to get there.

Would you recommend 4U Fitness to others and if so, whom would you refer?  

I would recommend 4U fitness to anyone who is serious about getting healthy. This is not any ordinary gym membership where someone pays a small monthly fee and lacks the accountability to show up every so often. This is a place where someone can call their fitness family and rely on those they are surrounded by. It is for someone determined to reach their fitness goals and will be committed to both eating right and giving it their all at the gym. If I were to refer someone, it would be a close friend that shares similar viewpoints regarding health and fitness.


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