4U Fitness Podcast Episode 9 – Interview with 4U Fitness Client Renee Vaughn



[0:35] – Meet Renee Vaughn
[1:15] – Personal fitness goals
[2:30] – Her previous training history and nutrition
[3:25] – Getting over the fear of carbs and embracing 4U Fitness methods
[4:45] – Learning how to read a label and understand ingredients
[6:00] – How to incorporate meal prep on rest and training days
[7:00] – Making healthy choices while eating out
[8:15] – Embracing healthy fats
[8:50] – Favorite restaurants in Tampa
[10:20] – Look ahead at the menu online
[11:30] – It’s ok to taste
[12:20] – Focus on the quality of foods you are eating
[13:50] – Progress can’t be measured solely by the scale
[15:30] – Don’t wait for healthy to happen

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