Electric Muscle Stimulation Tips!

We see this too often at studios worldwide: trainers are training clients without taking the time to assess and correct their forms. This treatment for training utilizing EMS can lead to major risks!
Every week we are going to bring you tips on how to train properly. After developing our own Academy and have certified over 100 trainers, we are ready to help more!
Our Academy is known for its intensity, something you will not find with the EMS industry’s average 2 day certification. We take EMS education very seriously and developed the most advanced program for trainers. Over 4 weeks it includes over 160 hours of education and hands-on practice each day!
Upon passing your first exam you will be ready to start training clients. However the education doesn’t stop there because after graduation begins your 90 day ongoing education to ensure retention of everything learned and advanced technique and training.
Our mission is to eliminate all the bogus certifications to create the most advanced coaches of the industry. Real coaches who can help clients achieve their wildest results instead of simply turning on a machine and hoping for the best.

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