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How EMS Training Works

Between working, taking care of your family and all of your other daily responsibilities, how are you supposed to fit in a workout too? And when you do find time to workout, how do you really know if your time at the gym is effective? With EMS training and your personal 4U Fitness Coach, you can maximize your results while cutting your gym time in more than half. Electro muscle stimulation when combined with active exercise (rather than passive stimulation or surface level-vibration) allows for for outstanding results in just two, 20-minute sessions per week.

What to Expect at Your EMS Session

When you arrive at 4U Fitness, you will simply slip into the EMS suit and experience an effective 20-minute workout led by your personal Fitness Coach. During your workout, the EMS technology sends electrical impulses to your muscles while you are exercising, causing them to contract and relax. As a result, your entire body is stimulated simultaneously and your major muscle groups are challenged individually based on your capabilities. What does that mean? Picture this, as you’re doing a bicep curl, we are still able to contract every other muscle simultaneously- so you’re not just working your biceps (even though we may enhance power muscle group on that during that movement), but you’re also benefiting from everything working!

This results in a workout that is up to 50 percent more effective than traditional training methods! When your workout is completed, freshen up and take advantage of our luxury amenities featuring beautiful showers, heated floors and a makeup vanity.

The No Excuses Workout Solution

Every day, your brain sends electrical impulses to your muscles to stimulate movement. Using this same principle, EMS stimulates your muscles at a deep tissue level, for an intense but effective workout. Our EMS technology contracts and relaxes your muscles with a low-intensity alternating current. We only have 20 minutes with you so we will make every single minute count- with over 80% of your muscles activated simultaneously, this is the most efficient way of reshaping your body.

What was once only possible after years of training is now achievable within a short period of time. This allows you to benefit in nearly all of your large muscle groups are simultaneously activated, even the hard-to-reach muscles in the waist and hips. Success is tangible and visible quickly, as fat content and weight are reduced and muscles are toned and strengthened.

For more information on E-Fit, download our case study.

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