Do you know what Arnold Swarzchengger and Daniel Nyiri have in common?

Other than their passion for helping people live healthy lives, they were both in a movie called “Generation Iron 2!” 

That’s right, 4U Fitness was featured in Generation Iron 2 where we trained professional athletes to get ready for their competitions. Body building has become a crazy phenomenon and a way of life for so many- even some of the Coaches at 4U Fitness have done various competitions themselves! The human body’s capabilities and what it can withstand is extraordinary and you can see all that and more in this amazing documentary. 

Check out the video above to find out what Doctor Jacob Wilson had to say about our workout!

Or just search for “Generation Iron 2” and put it on the big screen because we are on NETFLIX!!! Just be careful because after you watch this you’re definitely going to feel the need to get in an awesome workout #Motivation!

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