Daniel Nyiri’s Best Seller FitBiz is Featured in The Books That Shape Our Leaders eBook

I am so excited that my book Fitbiz is being featured by the The Fitness Business Podcast in the “2018 Books That Shape Our Leaders eBook”! On top of that my book is being featured with i think the most amazing business books out there on the same page!

Blue Ocean Strategy by Renée Mauborgne, W. Chan Kim
Scaling Up by Verne Harnish
Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

The books contained in this eBook have been recommended by leading business experts, coaches, authors and owners from around the world! You will find 56 books on Sales, Leadership, Customer Service, Advertising, the future and finance.

I really hope that you will take advantage of Chantal Brodrick‘s hard work by interviewing all the authors and picking the best of the best so you can learn lessons you can implement into your career both now and in the years to come! ENJOY!

I am happy to say that i have read 90% of these! How about you!?

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