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Daniel Nyiri Celebrity Personal Trainer Owner 4ufitness

Daniel Nyiri is a professional fitness trainer,model and owner of 4U-Fitness, LLC.  As a professional hockey player, he enjoyed the opportunity of playing at all levels in the United States and Europe. In 2008 Daniel got drafted to Pittsburgh hockey team. Shortly after, he got traded by a semi pro team in Chicago. However, Daniel soon learned that major team changes were to take effect. Reportedly the team had decided to set different goals, and among those, were to preserve those whe players in their team who possessed more experience in the NHL than others. Not too long after such event Daniel Nyiri received an invitation to attend a training camp in New York. Daniel got injured during his stay; nevertheless, he was still wanted! According to his past experiences, Daniel decided to make a different move so he decided to spend a summer in Europe. Within this time frame, Daniel Nyiri organized his thoughts and began developing a much brighter plan for his future.

Throughout this time, Daniel reflected his multiple skills in the competitive artistic field. However, he proved to be a very talented individual ready to take on different challenges simultaneously. He acquired a main movie role for the Chicago Film Festival 2009. He also modeled for many different magazines and made appearances in fashion shows (which he keeps doing so) throughout Tampa, Chicago, New York and Europe. Daniel Nyri’s earlier reflections transitioned into a a whole new perspective and understanding of fitness. He immediately realized that he could utilize his polished skills as an athlete and his passion for training to step up to a whole new level. Soon after, Daniel Nyiri founded I Train You Personal Training & Nutrition in Tampa, FL, which presently counts with a broad client base of professional athletes and olimpians, celebrity models, among others. As growing bigger, Just a Year and a half later he bought 4U-Fitness LLC from Meggie Hoeft.

Daniel focuses in helping others enjoy a more active lifestyle and professional training advice. Daniel Nyiri designs custom programs that help others trim fat, improve their health, gain muscle, and enhance their over all well being. Daniel Nyiri has proven through testimonials from well known athletes that he can turn your life around in a positive way!

The famous Model and Celebrity, personal trainer has worked with countless known and recognized personalities of this country. He is the creator of different training systems, and especially of a new concept of personal training that is sweeping through the nation. This  concept is currently being utilized by different countries of the world, who believe in this system as a new way to perform sports and break all existing stereotypes; A NEW METHOD has been introduced to the United States by Daniel Nyiri.
E-FIT  is a new and advanced system that uses muscle electro stimulation as a vehicle to get the body you want with visible results from the first session.
E-FIT is a device that is capable of stimulating muscles over 300x/ second, one of most important characteristics is E-FIT is 100% penetrates into muscles.
The E-FIT EMS technology used by an improved method whose development is based on years of research. This is the fifth generation of equipment, specially developed to provide a stimulating training the whole body, with technological advances-kind technology such as SIT and electrodes PCPE.
EMS means Electric-Muscle Stimulation or Electro-Muscle Stimulation, comprehensive training using electrical stimulation pulses.
In everyday life, our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscle actions. EMS uses this natural principle to reach deeper muscle layers that are difficult to change through conventional training. This is possible thanks to special training clothing and electrodes providing additional stimulus to the muscle from the outside.
It actively works while your muscles also receive stimulation through EMS. This unique combination leads to a further increase in voltage, producing a highly effective training results and to a level unattainable by conventional methods. The personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the intensity of training according to your individual goals.


Some Of The Famous Clients You May Know:
Taryn Walker Famous Model4ufitness st pete tampa personal training famous taryn walker daniel nyiriMiss Central Florida Another Supermodel/Actress Silvia Alonso Chooses E-Fit to stay in shape! Angee at 4U- Fitness Tampa Personal Trainingkaylie kushmer 4u fitness personal training


Dj Najah Cole – DJ/Producer Miami

“At my young age I learned performance and discipline from my time on Hungary’s national gymnastics team. My time as a gymnast created the foundation I use to be the DJ and producer I am now. Cut a long story short: this machine is incomparable! I’m very happy to found E-Fit! This is fully what I need and it makes my life complete! I’m in good shape full of energy and I’ve plenty of time to do my work! Need more? I don’t think . Just try out and you will see what I’m talking about”

Réka Rajnai – Health Ambassador of BioTechUSA, IFBB Bikini World Cup winner

 ”I started training with E-Fit around two years ago. I found it such an amazing and effective training method, so I decided to buy my own machine and to open a studio. It helped me a lot by my preparation for the fitness model competitions and helped me to achieve all the success. Even tho I don’t compete anymore – I became a Health Ambassador – but i still use electro fitness in a regular basis.”

Miss Central Florida - 4UFitness Tampa-St. Pete Personal Training

daniel nyiri celebrity personal trainer benjamin thigpen tampa st pete

Benjamin Thigpen – Celebrity Hairstylist/Spokesperson for Recipe for Men


Chrstian 4u fitness personal traiing famous clients


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