Breakdowns and Breakthroughs – Dani’s Story

I can’t even begin to tell you about the breakdowns and breakthroughs I had between these pictures 😳😭🤯


I have a new found respect for people who are incredibly ripped, by the way 😅


Even though the bottom of the picture says “1 month” this has been a lifetime journey (I’ve been with 4U Fitness for a month now 😏)


I remember eating Coco Krispies..Fruit Loops..with whole milk (my skin and legs would break out and I had no idea it was drinking whole milk) 🥛


My snacks included Debbie Cakes, twinkies, and zebra cakes 🍰


I remember HATING all bread other than white bread (preferably Dandee) 🍞


I remember not being to finish 1 bottle of water in a single day 🤭


I remember going to McDonalds almost every Wednesday because it’s when cheeseburgers were 69 cents🍔


I ALSO remember ALWAYS feeling tired, NEVER having enough energy, awful acne, itchy skin, terrible stomach aches, constant headaches💥


I’m still no pro at this but I had to take a moment ad share this🧘🏻‍♀️. During these last 4 weeks, I’ve looked at my relationship with food 🥘, how my body reacts to stress and my lack of appetite 🌩… the underlying shame I had developed over my life, my own version of body dysmorphia…


I’ve learned and continue to learn the true, real importance of nutrition. How our bodies BURN food like cars burn gas. And the impact of what foods I put in my mouth have on not just my physical health but my mental health too ⛈☀️


My skin has cleared up and I no longer take medication for it. Headaches come only when I’m a little stressed out (which I’m learning how to manage). No more stomach aches 


Also. All along I’ve been so focued on ‘wanting to look jacked’ and almost lost sight of all the progress I’ve made thus far… The journey it was to get here (and I’m still moving forward)🚶🏻‍♀️


What her Trainer has to say:

“Dani came in with the fitness goal to get stronger and put on lean muscle. She had worked with a trainer and nutritionist before but wanted real results. She was worried because she always felt too sore for days after working out and wouldn’t be able to go back to the gym. She expressed equal frustration with food and the role it played in her fitness journey. Nonetheless, she promised to give it her all and did whatever it took to make the changes. She showed up at every session physically and mentally. When things got tough, we worked through it. In a month, we made so much progress that she didn’t believe was possible.  We compared where she started and what she was capable of doing now and she was blown away with the strengths she made. Dani is excited and her confidence is through the roof! She feels encouraged to keep going and loves being pushed breaking boundaries”.  – Sabrina Pantano 4U Fitness Boca


What can you take away from this?

We all have internal and external battles that we fight everyday. Whether it’s our relationship with food or our lack of motivation to get the gym, it’s important to strive for progression not perfection. If you’re too busy focusing on all the wrong things you’re doing, you can easily lose sight of all the non-scale victories that are taking place along your journey– these are the victories that will actually get you to the big goal.

This is a journey, not a diet — the tortoise always wins.

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