Daniel Nyiri

Daniel Nyiri, Owner, Founder and CEO

Daniel Nyiri is an entrepreneur and the Owner, Founder and CEO of 4U Fitness with one goal: to revolutionize the fitness industry.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Daniel started his career as a professional hockey player, model and certified personal trainer. He moved to the United States in 2011 with $150 and a dream to change the world through improving the health of others one person at a time.

Understanding how much work and capital is needed to build a business, Daniel worked five jobs to generate income and develop the right relationships so he could begin his entrepreneurial career. He developed the American version of E-Fit, the full-body electrical muscle stimulation workout, with Dr. Janos Papp, which catapulted his success.

He worked diligently to save enough money to purchase a small fitness studio for $30,000. This studio would become 4U Fitness. Daniel soon found his next passion in life, Nina Tamez-Mendez. Now Nina Nyiri, Daniel considers her his other half and supportive partner for life. A Master Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Nina is now the Head of Trainer Education for 4U Fitness and is holds a key role in the company’s brand development. With Nina, E-Fit, and extensive knowledge within the topics of health and fitness, Daniel has built a client base of professional athletes, Olympians and celebrity models, turning a barely-making-it business into a $1 million enterprise within two years.

In 2014, Daniel obtained FDA 510(k) clearance for E-Fit making it the only full-body EMS machine with that status in the United States. This became the final element to complete his formula for guaranteed, proven results for the everyday person.

For Daniel, it isn’t about the money but about “building a real company that adds and contributes to this world, just as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Henry Ford did.” Daniel believes that by creating a company that stands for something more, we are building a legacy that will reshape the future.

Today, 4U Fitness has been featured in various notable publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Tampa Bay Times, Business Observer, Oxygen Magazine, and Men’s Journal.
Recently Daniel was featured in the Movie Generation Iron 2 which was in theaters in 2017 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and now its available on Netflix.

Follow Daniel on his Live Show: “The Journey of an Entrepreneur” here! 

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