#4UFromU Featuring our Free Year Winner Alex and her #NoExcuses Attitude

We started a new segment on our website called “4U From You” and it’s a series dedicated to our clients from our clients. The main reason we wanted to launch this series was to show clients that they can do it too. They can learn from people who have completed the journey and find out how others are doing in their journey this far because it’s from people who completed the journey and people who are just getting started on it.

Today we are featuring our free year winner Alex from Boca Raton.

Alex describes her journey starting with her friends and family advising her to get a personal trainer to her hating it and now she has become an amazing addition to our 4U Family!
She is persistent, resilient, and a badass who is on a mission to not only change her life but help those around her who are going through the struggles she is facing. Listen as she speaks her goals into existence in todays #4UFromU episode.

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