4U Fitness Trainer Tip: Richard’s Advice on Bent Over Rows

4U Fitness Personal Trainer Richard is all about demonstrating the perfect form for maximum results!

Muscle group being targeted during bent over rows

Here’s his advice when it come’s to bent over rows:

“Choose an exercise that targets an area you wish to challenge. During the bent over row the goal was targeting latissimus dorsi and terrs major which share similar functions of internally rotating, adducting, and extending the humerus. During this movement the internal focus was pulling the elbow towards the hip, rather than straight up and past the torso. When the humerus exceeds the torso during this movement the rear delt takes over the work load because the lat and teres major attachment points do not line up in a position to create optimal an optimal challenge. Focus on the internal and not the external when performing your exercise routine to get more from your training.”


 Below is a video of one of Richard’s clients performing bent over rows with excellent form!

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