4U Fitness Podcast Episode – Client Dani La Barrie shares her Journey at 4U Fitness

What does it take to be successful at 4U FITNESS?

For Dani La Barrie, it’s been a combination of a healthy mindset and consistency!

In this episode, Nina and Dani discuss the in’s and out’s of her lifestyle change while working with her amazing trainer Sabrina. We dive deep into emotions, self-talk, nutrition and more!


[1:20] – Before starting at 4U, she had the spent the last year doing mental and emotional work on herself. She had male trainers in the past but started with Sabrina. Dani was initially very negative and didn’t believe in herself – so that was a struggle. Sabrina came to rescue and helped her become in tune with her body customized her sessions to bring out her best.

[3:10] – Dani was training for the wrong purposes in the beginning – she was solely focused on the aesthetics and getting “ripped vs. understanding and recognizing what her body needed.

[5:20] – Now she feels so confident during her workouts. Because of her initial assessment, she felt like everything was personalized to her needs which allowed her to see progress. Dani believes how you handle exercise helps you overcome challenges in life.

[6:14] – WHAT’S YOUR WHY? It needs to make you cry.

[7:00] – Dani’s nutrition prior to coming to 4U Fitness – Little Debbie Cakes, Cocoa Krispies, Fruit Loops, Ramen Noodles, White Bread, little to no water. It was terrible. But she has come light years!

[8:42] – You must understand that this is a Journey which requires baby steps and simple goals like DRINKING WATER. With her, it was as simple as starting with drinking more water, then it became about making other healthier choices one at a time.

[10:00] – Her self-talk about healthy food was “healthy eating sucks” or “to eat healthy is to be boring”. But NOW her idea of healthy food has shifted. Major plug for Nina’s recipes! Healthy, flavorful and tasty:

[11:35] – Dani is finally becoming mindful and present, understanding why healthy food has purpose. Reality set in after she saw her progress photo in her newsletter.

[12:54] – She believes support is imperative throughout your journey – having people that hold you accountable is key to success. When Dani veered off during the holidays, she knew should get back on track because she had Sabrina’s support! O “D-Day’s”, this is the time to assess and analyze behaviors and habits that help keep clients on track.

[14:24] – Morning Routine: Dani listens to Abraham Hicks (relatable). She encourages you to listen to a motivational speaker or youtube video 1st thing in the morning to help you get grounded and be grateful for the day. A few minutes will go along way!

[15:45] – Body Talk Exercise: Think about all the negative comments that you tell yourself every day. Take a second and count them all. STOP.

[17:20] – Dani’s 2 attributes she now likes about herself – her height and her ability to love herself.

[18:49] – Body Talk Action: For every negative thought you have, follow it up with a POSITIVE.

[19:15] – Recommendations for a newbie embarking on a fitness journey: CONSISTENCY AND STARTING SMALL. If you can’t even manage to drink water, you won’t get very far.

[20:30] – Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Small goals will help you feel accomplished and will lead to the MACRO GOAL.

[22:15] – Grab your tissues. Dani get’s REAL about what 4U Fitness means to her. 4U Fitness is a community that provides support for people on their journey. We’re not just a gym and clients aren’t just a number.

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