4U Fitness Podcast Episode 22 – Beginners Guide to Yoga

It’s important to stay mindful and consistent when it comes to Yoga. Just like it takes time to build muscle tone and to lose weight, Yoga happens the same way – the more you practice the better you get!

This interview is perfect for the Yoga Beginner! Yoga Pro Karolina teaches the fundamentals of how to get started and WHY Yoga is so important for our mind and body!

[1:00] Meet Karolina D – a personal trainer at 4U Fitness Orlando, yoga instructor, and Mom! Food lover and fitness fanatic

[2:00] Get yourself into a comfortable, seated position.

[2:50] Karolina was introduced to yoga 18 years ago by her sister. She fell more in love with yoga after taking a variety of classes over the year. But she had to take a break after having her 1st child.

[4:10] You do NOT have to be flexible to start, so don’t beat yourself up, just like with any exercise you have to work yourself up to it.

[5:10] It’s important to find the right class for you. Every instructor and class is different. A good studio will have an explanation about the type of yoga they offer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

[7:00] Karolina’s preference is a static form of yoga – Yin yoga. You select a pose and stay in it for a certain period of time. This really impacts your muscles and connective tissues. Yin yoga may have the same benefits as Acupuncture.

[8:15] Another form of yoga she enjoys is Restorative Yoga – helps with sleep. Certain poses can help you relax and reduce your cortisol levels.

[9:00] To get in the right state of mind for rest, you only need 5 minutes daily! Set a reminder and block off the time for you. Don’t wait for the magical moment to happen.

[10:50] DO THIS NOW: Free app you can download on your phone, “Insight Timer”. It’s the easiest application to help you with guided meditation and to help get you in the right mindset for sleep.You can filter and customize the application for your meditation goals.

[13:45] Yoga can help improve your range of motion around the joints. If you spend a lot of time sitting or driving, yoga can improve your mobility and flexibility. Yoga is also amazing for the balance! Don’t get discouraged if you have zero balance – if you practice it will improve.

[14:55] Meditation and yoga can also help with anxiety and mood! It teaches you to love yourself and to BREATHE.

[15:40] Beginner Essentials – Yoga mat (the most important tool)

1) look for a longer mat
2) one that is anti-slippery and can produce a lot of traction
3) a thicker mat is recommended for cushion

[17:25] Utilizing yoga blocks is not cheating. They can really help with alignment.

[18:18] Yoga straps are great for flexibility around your hips and lower body. If you don’t have a block you can use a book.

[20:40] Sun Salutation Flow

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