4U Fitness Podcast Episode 18 – Benefits of Protein, Best Sources and Common Misconceptions

As you embark on a healthier lifestyle, one of main forms of nutrients that is vital to your success is PROTEIN! We dive into the basics of what protein does for your body and we give our recommendations for the best sources of protein. Nina and Justin also break a few myths on the topic of protein.

[1:30] – Protein Advantages: assists with muscle recovery and repair, growth and reduces body fat percentage.

[2:55] – Thermic effect of Protein: it takes longer for our body to digest protein = burning more calories. We stay fuller for longer!

[4:00] – Protein helps regulate our homeostasis (aka body temperature), helps with healthy hair, skin and nails and increases bone density.

[5:00] – Justin’s protein go-to’s: organic range free chicken, ahi tuna, grass fed beef, egg whites, plain greek yogurt, lentils and beans.

[7:50] – Consumption of quality meats (grass fed, organic, pasture-raised) are important in order to avoid carcinogens, toxins, additives, exposure to hormones and antibiotics.

[8:25] – When we take in protein, we take in the energy of the protein. You are what you eat!

[9:15] – One of my personal protein favorites — sardines! If you like tuna, you will definitely like them! Seafood packs so much protein.

[10:30] – Vegetables are packed with protein: snap peas have up to 12 grams per cup. As a Vegan, you still have so many sources of protein.

[11:45] – Not all proteins are created equal — not all have all the essential amino acids your body needs.

[12:15] – Can we over consume protein? Unless you have an existing condition that prevents you from processing protein, then excess consumption isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

[13:30] – Lack of protein can cause cravings, reduces energy levels and prevents muscle recovery.

[14:05] – Best time to consume protein: Pre-workout – 1.5 to 2 hours before (allow for proper digestion), Post-workout 30 min to 2 hours. If you wait longer than 2 hours, this won’t destroy your gains.

[15:10] – Final tips: always experiment with how protein makes you feel and have your go-to’s available. Keep it simple when 1st starting out.

[16:10] – Convenient Store protein options – protein shakes, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, nitrate free beef jerky or fast until you get to your final destination.


Guest: Justin Rehark, 4U Fitness St. Pete Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
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