4U Fitness Podcast Episode 17 – Body Positivity and Self Care

As a female culture, we are so hard ourselves. With a desire to be perfect, we lose sight of what our bodies need the most — love. Tayler and Nina also dive into their history with “diets” and the importance of balance for progress!

[0:30] Meet Tayler – she’s more than just a pretty face

[2:00] Her competitive mindset and mentality in preparing for her Pro Card.

[3:30] The Reese’s Pieces incident that made her realize how much of a “monster” she became, especially towards her family.

[5:45] After turning Pro, she was disheartened by the reality of the situation and had eye-opening experiences while briefly in the bodybuilding industry.

[10:00] Her definition of self-care and self-love: Making sure you take care of yourself so you are your best for everyone else. Prioritize and put yourself first. Balance your physical activity, work and nutrition.

[12:00] Rest is the most challenging form of self-love. But you have to have a break in order to recover and see results otherwise you will experience “burn-out”.

[13:30] Setting boundaries with others is necessary for balance. Just say “NO”.

[15:10] Tayler’s favorite form of self-love is her morning bike ride; it’s her “love letter in the sky”

[16:15] Body Positivity – we hold ourselves to insane standards. Self awareness is key in realizing how hard we are on ourselves.

[17:30] People will remember you for how you make them feel, not how you look.

[19:30] The scale is the worst measure of progress. Take measurements or progress pictures in lieu of relying on a number on the scale.

[21:00] Create a morning routine that you absolutely love and gets you excited to get out of bed.

[24:00] Stop scrolling through social media to prevent negative energy.


Find Tayler here:
IG @taylerjordanfit

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