4U Fitness Podcast Episode 16 – Cooking with Confidence

Take a seat and grab a notebook because Chef Alexia is giving the scoop on how to build your confidence in the kitchen! Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s important to remember that cooking doesn’t have to be perfect! Even she had her fair share of fails, but that didn’t stop her.

[0:30] Meet Top Chef Alexia

[2:15] Tip 1 – Preparation is everything

[3:15] Tip 2 – Be efficient by having the right utensils

[3:50] Tip 3 – Don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes

[4:55] Tip 4 – Taste your food before you plate

[6:00] Tip 5 – Cook with Love (aka Salt)

[8:45] – Every Chef has kitchen fails

[10:00] – Recommendations for a busy lifestyle

[10:45] – No Excuse 3-minute, 3-Ingredient Pesto w/ Zoodles

[12:15] – Batch Cook Chicken 2 different ways

[14:30] – Alexia’s challenges with food and healthy choices

[16:20] – Practical Tips for the kitchen

Follow Alexia here:
Youtube: Chef Alexia
IG: chefalexia

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