4U Fitness Podcast Episode 15 – Breaking Myths and Getting Results with client Amisha

Get to know Rockstar Orlando client, Amisha! She gives the scoop on breaking myths, learning new healthy habits and how successful her journey has been!

Her coach Alex says “This woman is absolutely killing it. Her dedication to staying healthy has made all of this happen. The emotions I experience each time she tells me news about how much better she feels will stick with me forever. The smile on her face never will leave my memory. I am incredibly proud of Amisha and words will never be able to explain how excited I am for her.”

[0:45] Amisha’s personal goals

[1:20] Seeking education and answers for permanent results

[2:05] Her experience with yo-yo diets

[3:00] Misconception of carbs and the impact it had on her health


[5:00] Motivated by results but not stepping the scale

[5:45] Having an accountability partner and trainer made a difference

[6:30] When she started noticing changes

[7:30] Cultural challenges when preparing foods


[8:15] Learning to adopt a carb-cycling lifestyle

[9:15] Breaking the myth of eating small meals throughout the day

[10:30] Fasting doesn’t mean starving

[11:05] Planning meals to ensure success for herself and her kids


[12:20] Willingness to learn and follow science-based nutrition

[13:30] Easy switch to quality foods

[15:30] Results in less than 2 months: 17 lbs, 4% body fat, 12 inches lost


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