4U Fitness Podcast Episode 14 – Carbs 2.0

We’re covering A LOT of ground when it comes to Carbs! Join Nina and Justin as they discuss the good vs. the bad and how we can actually benefit from carbs!

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[0:45] Meet Justin Rehark – Personal Trainer, Coach and Nutrition Guru
[3:00] What is a “good” carb?
[5:00] What is a “bad” carb?
[6:00] How to incorporate fruit.

[7:45] Factors to consider if carbs are right for you.
[9:20] Quality of foods is vital for longevity.
[10:45] The function and role of carbs.
[11:30] Why do we carb-shame?

[13:00] Ways to figure out if carbs are appropriate for you.
[14:15] At-home test kits for Metabolic health.
[15:00] Healthy carb swaps for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
[17:50] How to successfully plan ahead for your week/weekend.
[19:30] Complex carbs to help with stress.


At-home Test Kits
•Private MD Labs
Complete Metabolic Profile

•Everylywell – Metabolism Test

Carb Alternatives
•BFree –
•Banza –

Carnitas Sliders

4-Ingredient Carnitas Sliders

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