4U Fitness Podcast Episode 13 – Weight Training & Pregnancy

Get the scoop on working out through your pregnancy with our awesome client and mother of 2, Brooke Reaves! She tells her story of how she got amazing results with just 2 workouts per week and Intermittent Fasting!

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[2:10] – Brooke’s history with training and diets
[4:00] – How E-Fit training “shocked” her into a new healthy lifestyle
[6:30] – Keeping things simple her regiment with compound movements
[8:15] – The results that come with training

[10:30] – Moving away from the scale as a gauge for progress
[12:40] – How Intermittent Fasting can make life simple as a Mom
[15:30] – Making her meals a priority and establishing a routine
[19:00] – Her training regiment with 2nd baby on the way

[20:00] – Fast and easy labor with 2nd baby as compared to 1st
[21:50] – Research proven that training can prevent Gestational diabetes and excess weight gain
[23:40] – In better shape after 2nd baby without following mainstream diets
[25:15] – Nutrition is 80% of your results
[26:00] – Tips for Moms-to-be

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