4U Fitness Podcast Episode 12 – Ketone Talk with client Danielle Singh

4U Fitness Co-Owner Nina Nyiri interview with Fitness Professional and client Danielle Singh. Listen as they discuss the power of Ketones and how you can become a better you!

[1:50] Danielle’s history with health and fitness.
[3:00] Facing challenges and obstacles.
[5:30] How to be your own health advocate.
[6:30] Experimenting with healthy fats and Keto.
[7:45] Finding the right balance: inclusion of Intermittent Fasting and Carb cycling.

[9:00] Exogenous Ketones defined.
[10:30] Benefits of being in a state of Ketosis.
[11:40] Sustained energy, focus, better sleep, clarity.
[13:00] Curbing appetite and cravings.
[14:20] Difficulties of going Keto.

[16:00] “Pruvit” Ketones backed by numerous physicians and leaders.
[17:15] Consult with a physician and do your research prior to making lifestyle changes.
[18:50] Ketones can reduce inflammation and assist in healing the body from injuries.

[19:50] Danielle’s recommendations to becoming a better you.

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