4U Fitness Podcast Episode 11 – Q & A with Richard Storey


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[1:40] Why your shoulders may dominate when you perform a bench press.
[4:30] Alternatives to drinking plain water.
[5:50] Why adding salt/minerals is important for hydration, water retention and nutrients.
[8:20] How to improve your posture if you sit at a desk all day.

[11:30] Our thoughts on Kombucha.
[12:00] Additional sources of probiotics.
[13:40] Food timing on training days.
[14:45] Ideas for quick digesting foods pre-workout.

[16:00] How to incorporate Intermittent Fasting.
[17:15] Ways to improve squat depth based on your goals – whats your purpose?
[18:20] Change up your stance and the position of the squat.
[19:00] What happens to your spine when you do the “butt wink”.

[20:30] Why control during the movement is so important.
[21:50] Quality foods for fitness-related goals.
[23:00] Definition of a “Flexitarian” and how everything you eat is individual.
[24:00] Post-workout “stress” and why you’re not hungry – not a bad thing.
[25:15] The body needs to be in a “Rest and Digest” mode.
[26:00] Quick “grab-n-go” foods for rest days and training days.
[31:15] Commit to a healthy habit(s) for at least 30 days, take notes and listen to your body.

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