4U Fitness Podcast Episode 10 – The Importance of Sleep and How to Get More of It


[1:20] – Side effects of sleep deprivation.
[4:00] – Avoid using bright screens and electronics before bedtime.
[5:00] – Turn phone to airplane mode and turn off wi-fi.
[6:30] – Try using epsom salt or magnesium as a supplement.
[7:25] – Benefits of Melatonin.
[9:10] – What is 5-HTP and how it promotes better mood and sleep.
[10:15] – Implement carb-backloading.
[11:25] – Potential benefits of carb-backloading.
[12:15] – Add lavender essential oils into your night-time routine.
[13:00] – Recap of tips for better sleep.

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