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4U Fitness is seeking individuals who want to change their lives forever… FOR FREE!👏🏼
If you desire to lose 60 pounds or more and are ready to COMMIT 👐🏼to a life-changing JOURNEY💫 then we want to help you absolutely free of charge!

👉🏼To enter, please submit a 1000 word essay describing why we should pick you and why you’re ready to change your life forever. 🌟 Warning – This is not a “quick fix” program. ⚠️Those who submit entries should know that because this will be entire lifestyle change, the journey will be challenging. But with our amazing team and your dedication, you can change your destiny!

If you know someone who fits this description, please inform them of this special offer! We truly want to assist those who really need our help. A majority of the time, they are suckered into a cookie cutter program that leaves them hating personal trainers, and even worse, gaining more weight!

Our passion for changing lives in not just for those who can afford it. We genuinely care for the entire population! If we can help the life of a Mother of 4, then we can definitely change the lives of her entire family!

Our goal is to have 100s, 1000’s and eventually millions of people benefit from our knowledge in the future. So let’s make a change!

The deadline to enter is January 28th! 
To enter reply send your essay to
We look forward to hearing your amazing essay!

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