4U Fitness 21 Day No Sugar November Challenge!

It’s that time of year again….


It’s time to#TrashTheSugar and put a STOP to the sugar escapades! What you did yesterday, last week or even last month doesn’t matter! You can take back your health NOW!

Starting Thursday, November 1st, we are challenging you to eliminate certain SUGARS from your dietary lifestyle for 3 weeks.
Upon getting your measurements taken.. YOU’RE IN!!

The video above talks about everything you need to know to #TrashTheSugar and get started on this 21 day no sugar journey!

By trashing the sugar consistently  for 21 days, you are:

  • Waving Belly Fat and Bloat BUH BYE
  • Dropping Pounds
  • Developing a mindful eating habit
  • Gettinglastingenergy with no sugar crashes!
  • You will have better dental health
  • And have younger-looking skin!

For a full list of additional tips grab the no sugar guide from your trainer, and commit to the challenge!

What To Expect: 
Taking on this 21-day challenge will be tough, it will be trying and it will be an uphill battle. But guess what? You will beSTRONGERgoing into Thanksgiving and Christmas! We want you to be able to access your arsenal of mental strength through the Holidays!

Upon entry for the challenge, you will have complete support from your trainer and the 4U Community via our facebook group!
Share wins share challenges share food, everything!

Not only will you see results and feel amazing, but as an additional incentive for you to stay strong through thisinsanely challenging monthand time of year, we’ve got PRIZES!
And not to fear, this challenge ends BEFORE thanksgiving so you can enjoy that holiday with zero guilt 🙂

We’re so excited for you to be a part of this, lets do it, be sure to TAG @4UFITNESSLLC and #NoSugarNovember throughout your journey to win a free training session!

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