Top 10 Tips: Conquering Parties & Eating Out

From birthday celebrations and anniversaries to work events and potlucks… how do you manage to stay on track without being derailed by junk food? Unfortunately this answer isn’t so cut and dry. There will always be temptation, but the key is practicing these habits REGULARLY so they become easier over time!

Trust your trainers when they say, a little bit of sacrifice will go A LONG WAY!


1. Plan ahead –

  • Restaurants: Look at the menu ahead of time. It’s called GOOGLE. Mostly every menu is accessible online so there is no excuse NOT to know what you are walking into.
  • Friend/Family Dinner: Politely ask them what they’re serving. If they are lacking vegetables or a clean protein, offer to bring a dish of your  own! They won’t mind!

2. Never go starving –

  • The worst thing you can do is rely on “others” to feed you. If the food options are out of your hands, then it is best to eat a lighter meal a head of time.
  • If you’re at the mercy of the potluck lunch or sandwich tray, just make the best decision. It’s likely that you won’t get in enough protein or veggies, so make sure you have a protein shake or healthy snack as a back-up.

3. Back-up snack –

4. No table-side bread. You knew that was coming. –

  • Ask your server to not bring the bread around. GASP. Yes, you can do this! And if you’re dining with others that refuse to give up the bread, simply cover the bread with a napkin. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND.
  • Save your gut and calories by limiting the bread consumption. But guess what… that means you can have MORE food coming from quality items like protein, veggies and fats!

5. Starter salad or veggies –

  • Restaurant or not, by starting with leafy greens or veggies you are setting yourself up for success! You are more likely going to make a better decision when ordering your entree after you fill your belly with vegetables.
  • At a potluck? Load up your plate with any familiar vegetable and anything “green”. Limit the casserole-like sides if it looks like it smothered in cheese or breadcrumbs.

6. Sauces, Dips & Condiments –

  • Restaurant dressings should always be asked for on the side. Opt for 1-ingredient dressings like olive oil, vinegar, freshly squeezed lemons, salt & pepper.
  • Grandma’s homemade gravy isn’t going to cut it anymore. Avoid the creamy, cheesy and “what’s in that?” dips.

7. Swap the starch –

  • Things to consider: Are you drinking alcohol? How many carbs have you already consumed? Was it your training day?
  • If you’re at a restaurant, swap the carb for steamed or grilled veggies.
  • If you’re staring at a sandwich tray, remove the bread and eat the insides!

 8. Shareable dishes –

  • Ordering something naughty? Then it’s best to share!
  • The smaller the plate, the less you can pile on!

 9. Choose drinks with care –

  •  Order unsweetened beverages like unsweetened tea, water with lemon, Perrier, etc. Try to lay off the DIET SODAS.
  • Cocktails:
    • Cucumber Gimlet – swap the simple syrup for freshly squeezed lime juice
    • Martini – order dry (less vermouth, more liquor)
    • Swap the Mai Tai or Long Island Iced Tea for a Mojito – order with extra mint & less syrup
    • For Tequila lovers, swap the Margarita for a refreshing “Paloma” : grapefruit juice, club soda & lime with no sugar or salt on the rim
    • Try Champagne? A 4 oz. flute is only 90 calories
    • My favorite: Tito’s Vodka & Club Soda with lime. Only 65 calories per 1 oz. of vodka!

 10. Rethink dessert –

  • If you’re going for it, make sure to SHARE.
  • Opt for fruit-based desserts or gluten free items.
  • Make alcohol your “treat”.





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