Nancy, 65 Before After

Thank you Nina, and 4U Fitness for giving me a “new” start! I first came to 4U Fitness in 2013 and struggled physically with certain movements because of a bad shoulder and lower back pain. After being introduced to E-Fit and Nina’s custom conventional-style training, I soon began to feel stronger and had more energy. Even though I began tracking my food on My Fitness Pal, I needed guidance with my nutrition as I found it difficult to eat as much as I should in a day. With a busy work schedule, I didn’t always allow myself time to eat accordingly.  This was no easy task because initially I did not see the “quick” results. At 4U, they emphasize patience and consistency to get results… and that holds true, as I did not start seeing significant losses until after a year.

From beginning to end, my trainer, Nina, provided toughness, yet warm and supportive which kept me moving forward. I have seen so much improvement in my lifestyle as well as eating habits. I have dropped several pant sizes, lost a total of 27” inches, 20 lbs and am stronger than ever.

If for no other reason, “you” are held accountable. Nina provided me with meal guidance appropriate to my lifestyle and followed through in helping me accomplish my goals. The entire 4U Fitness Team is so caring and they truly offer the total package, regardless of your age or fitness level.

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