More Than a Gym

4U Fitness is a Lifestyle!

With our guaranteed results and positive client-coach relationships, it’s no surprise our retention rate is almost 100 percent.

At 4U Fitness, we specialize in fat loss, strength training and conditioning. Our fully-equipped studios attract the best coaches and clients worldwide. Our franchise packages offer the latest technology in fitness, and we are the first and only EMS franchise in the United States. Our money-back guarantee, industry-leading technology, top coaches and luxury facilities make 4U Fitness more than just a gym.


Our Coaches Help Clients Achieve Amazing Results

We consider every coach an investment and believe that education and experience are imperative qualities.

At 4U Fitness, we choose only the most knowledgeable and qualified coaches in the industry for our studios. Unlike other gyms, we want our coaches to grow with 4U Fitness. Our future is their future.

Our workouts are unlike any other. In addition to our e-Fit technology, we offer boot camps, group classes, yoga and conventional training. With personal training and group classes never exceeding four members, each client gets the attention they want and deserve.


The 4U Fitness Experience

Our facilities are designed to enhance your overall fitness experience.
With spa-like amenities including lavish showers, makeup vanities, heated floors and custom finishes, 4U Fitness is a home away from home.

Franchise Packages

4U Fitness franchise packages are versatile and flexible. We offer packages for small, medium or large studios.

Small Studio

750 sqft

1 EF-1280 US
1 Cable Machine
1 Elliptical
1 Adjustable Bench
1 Suspension Trainer
Free Weights
1 Squat Rack
Medicine Balls + Mats
1 Shower/Changing Room


Medium Studio

1,000 – 1,250 sqft

2 EF-1280 US
1 Cable Machine
1 Rowing Machine
1 Elliptical
Free Weights + Rack
1 Squat Rack
2 Adjustable Benches
AB Machine
Rubber Plate + Weight Lifting Bar Set
2 Suspension Trainers
Medicine Ball, Mats + Yoga Balls
1 Shower
1 Changing Room and Makeup Station


Large Studio

1,250 – 1,500 sqft

2 EF-1280 US
1 Cable Machine
1 Rowing Machine
1 Elliptical
1 Functioning Training Cage
1 Squat Rack
2 Adjustable Benches
1 Stretching Machine
Free Weights + Rack
AB Machine
Rubber Plate + Weight Lifting Bar Set
3 Suspension Trainers
Medicine Balls, Mats + Yoga Balls
2 Shower
1 Makeup Room


Additional Benefits

Each franchise package also contains these great benefits:

  • 4U Fitness Business Consulting
  • Hiring and Training Assistance
  • Training Management and Operations
  • Software and Special Website
  • Continued Education for Owners, Management and Trainers
  • Legal Assistance
  • Marketing Plan
  • Quality Checks
  • Documents and Waivers
  • Use of Special Software, App and Online Booking System
  • 4U Fitness Supplements and Clothing Line
  • Grand Opening Party
  • Much More!

Our Clients

Our E-Fit technology achieves amazing results with just two 20-minute workouts each week. With time no longer an excuse, we make it easy for busy moms, entrepreneurs and high-end execs to get in shape.

  • 80% of our clients are women
  • 80% are between the ages of 25 and 54
  • 80% are homeowners
  • 76% have a household income greater than $75,000
  • 50% have a household income greater than $125,000
  • Attend 4U Fitness 2 to 3 times a week

Clients Love 4U Fitness

Choosing 4U Fitness has been one of the greatest decisions I have made. As the titleholder of Miss Central Florida USA, it is extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. I switched from doing cardio every day and not being impressed with the results to working with 4U Fitness only two times a week and my body has transformed in the best way! I am stronger, much more toned and have so much energy and less body fat! I recommend everyone to take a look at 4U Fitness. The trainers are extremely professional, yet care immensely about their clients! It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle!

-Kailyn Perez, Miss Florida World

What’s Missing From the Picture? You!

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