Exercise doesn’t have an immediate effect.

If you exercise now, the effect and results come later. Exercising is an investment and people seem to just not want to invest their time and come up with lots of excuses to not exercise instead.


The major problem is that people are being reactive to their health. Most begin exercising too late, after the health problems have already begun and after they already can’t fit into their clothes. This is being reactive and if you were proactive you wouldn’t have any of those problems.


This is too in regards to food as well. Until the problems begin, people don’t change their eating habits and then they say they don’t know how they have gotten to the size they are now. Being reactive to exercise and for your food habits will have on down the wrong path, which 80% of Americans are already on.


Just remember one thing, you have only one body. Why don’t you take care of it? IT is your home and what you are living in for your entire life, but it’s in your hands how “long” of a life that can be!


I’ll leave you with this, if you’re only allowed to have one car your entire life, wouldn’t you take care of that car to make sure you get from point A to B with ease and that it’s a car that lasts and runs smoothly for as long as possible?

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