4U Fitness Podcast Recap: The Importance of Sleep and How to Get More of It

In case you missed our podcast on “The Importance of Sleep and How to Get More of It” don’t worry because I am going to give you a recap of all the main points Nina discussed and some tips on how to get more sleep!

Let’s start with the basics, sleep is absolutely essential for optimal health because a lack of sleep (especially on a regular basis) is associated with long-term health consequences like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease!

Here’s what happens when you don’t get enough sleep:

  1. We do not make the best decisions when it comes to food. We simply lack the will-power to make healthy choices because we don’t have the energy.
  2. Our body becomes more sensitive to the hormone insulin, making us super vulnerable to storing more fat!
  3. Our brain can actually be more sensitive to food smells
  4. It is highly likely that the hunger hormone GHRELIN will increase in women and the satiety hormone LEPTIN will increase for men – meaning ladies will get hangry more frequently and men, you will unlikely be satisfied after your meal.

With all that being said… here are a few tips that may help you get some good ZzZzz’S:

  1. Avoid using bright screens and electronics a few hours before bedtime – those pretty blue lights can suppress the production of melatonin (which is the hormone that controls our sleep cycle).
  2. Try putting your phone on airplane mode. Why??? – Cell phones have been shown to emit a form of electromagnetic radiation also know as EMF’S. And this can also cause a reduction in melatonin!
  3. If you take baths or have a bathtub, then throw in some Epsom salt! – Epsom salt is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is well known for its ability to relieve insomnia and has also been shown to decrease our stress hormone cortisol (which tends to keep us up at night)
  4. Supplement with Melatonin or 5-HTP – Melatonin is what helps us stay asleep, when it’s hard to produce your own, there are supplements you can take to help you sleep better! Another supplement is 5-HTP which converts L-Trytophan into seratonin. Then it uses the seratonin to make Melatonin.  
  5. Try carb back-loading once per week – Carb back-loading simply means that you would strategically consume your carbs during the last meal of the day, there i a science to this in which Nina explains in her podcast! (so listen to it)
  6. Go for the lavender essential oils –  A few studies have shown that lavender has relaxing effects (much like Magnesium) and can also relieve sleepiness upon waking.

Got it?! So if you’re not getting good sleep, then you’re homework is to try one of these easy tips! 

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