4U Fitness Podcast Episode 8 — 5 Reasons to Stay Off the Scale


[1:55] – Your weight will fluctuate like the New York Stock Exchange.
[3:00] – The scale doesn’t tell you the whole story.
[4:00] – The scale doesn’t show you results related to your health.
[5:25] – The scale makes us fixate mainly on food and workouts.
[6:50] – Your lifestyle plays a major role in your body composition.
[8:20] – The scale should not define who you are or dictate your emotions.
[10:55] – Use your clothes as a gauge for success.
[11:20] – Take progress pics at the beginning and throughout your journey.
[11:50] – Do tape measurements every 4 weeks to measure fat loss.
[13:25] – Use body fat analyzers to measure fat loss, bone density, etc.
[13:55] – Set goals that aren’t related to your weight.
[14:50] – Keep a journal to track your stress levels, great workouts, hormonal trends, etc.
[16:40] – Don’t take for granted all of the small achievements you have accomplished.

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