4U Fitness Podcast Episode 2 – Myths & Misconceptions: Low-Calorie diets combined with Excess Exercise, Demonizing Fats, Meal Timing & Frequency

This episode is all about breaking down the myths and misconceptions we are constantly bombarded with by marketing schemes, snack companies, etc. Nina explains why exercising more and eating less won’t work in your favor. She gets down on the demonizing myths of fat and how they can actually be beneficial to your health. And lastly, she discusses the timing and frequency of meals and the impact it has on your results.


  • Adding more exercise to a low-calorie diet will cause your metabolism to lower to conserve energy.
  • Stress hormone Cortisol will elevate in response to a state of constant stress; leaving you with belly fat.
  • Don’t compare your current body to your 20’s. Hormones are now functioning with an entirely different purpose.
  • To lose fat permanently without yo-yo-ing, allow for rest days.  But you can implement low-stress activities like walking, biking and yoga.
  • To prevent plateaus and rebounds, refuel with the proper nutrients on Training days (aka Carb cycling).
    • At minimum – consume PROTEIN, FIBER & FAT post workout. These are your BFF’S.
  • STOP demonizing Fats. Sugar is a major culprit behind fat & weight gains due to an elevation of Insulin.
  • Incorporating Fats on rest days will help keep insulin low and help get you into a Fat-burning zone.
  • If you’re constantly hungry, try swapping the carbs for more healthy fats like egg yolks, nuts, coconut oil, avocado oil or avocado.
  • Eating small meals frequently throughout the day may raise your insulin response and your digestion never gets a break.
  • To spare your gut and to save time, consolidate your meals or adopt intermittent fasting (skip breakfast).
  • Keep carbs low in the morning to prevent an even greater Insulin response.


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