4-Step Food Prep and Recipe Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking and food preparation is one of the highest acts of self-care you can engage in. And parents, if you’re cooking for your family… that is the ultimate act of love! So KUDOS to all of you who take the time to nourish your body, learn about the food that supports your health and care enough to make this a habit!

Today, we’re going to break down exactly how you can set yourself up for a week of successful eating! Now keep in mind that your goals may be different from the next, but our goal at 4U Fitness is to provide you with the education to support your workout program and to lead you into a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

So let’s begin!


1)  Pick your recipes. The way you can choose your recipes can be simple. Firstly, all of the recipes provided by Nina at 4U Fitness are categorized by Entrée, Rest Day, Training Day, Snacks and Sides! Easy enough. A majority of the Entrees include a balanced portion of proteins and fats, and veggies or carbs can always be added! Not to mention, most of the recipes are portioned for at least 2 servings.

  • Think about your upcoming week. If you are scheduled for your regular workouts, then it would be wise to choose one Training Day Recipe. And you will always want to choose at least two Rest Day recipes because you will have at least 4 days of “rest” (aka low-carb days).
  • Example Recipes for Training Days:


2)  Make the Grocery List. Based on the recipes you choose for the week, add these items to your essentials. And always refer to our Kitchen & Pantry Guide that your trainer provided to you.

  • Think about whether you want to make the amount it calls for OR if you plan doubling it for easy storage in the freezer!
  • Also think about quick meals you may want to make on the fly (anything fresh like seafood should be prepared in this manner).
  • Essentials (back-ups): having things on hand that won’t go bad is super important.
    • Frozen Veggies are always great for busy nights.
    • Protein Powder for those days when you know you are low on protein and don’t want or have the time to prep meat!
    • Free Range/Omega-3 eggs for fast omelets.
    • Frozen Fish (preferable Wild-Caught) for those last minute meals.
    • Coconut Oil or Flaxmeal to give your low-calorie day a boost of nutrients.
    • Example Grocery List:


3)  Set aside a time and day(s) to make your grocery trip!

  • You may find that you need to make more than one stop. So if you plan accordingly, you can actually save time! I actually prefer to go the night before I prep meals, so I can just run home after work and do my thing! My go-to stops are Trader Joes, Publix, Whole Foods & Sprouts!
  • NEVER GO HUNGRY. I think we all have experienced this!


4)  Time for Food Prep! Now that you’ve got all the goods, it’s time to prep.

  • Plan for at least a few hours to knock out your recipes. This time is SO WORTH IT because you won’t have to spend any additional time during the week worrying about your meals! You’re being very efficient with your time AND money!
  • You are securing your week with the best choices for your body. It may seem expensive in the beginning, however, think about how much you can be potentially saving on health care! Just imagine how healthy you are going to be as you approach your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… because of your choices NOW!
  • Not every week is going to be seamless. It’s called LIFE and it happens. Just do your best to prep at least 75% of the month. Refer to this as a labor of love for yourself and your family.
  • Leading by example will set the tone for your household. It may be difficult for your significant others to understand this new lifestyle, but don’t give up on them! They just need a little education in how healthy food can be TASTY, SATISFYING and NUTRIENT-RICH!


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